Olivia's Bakery Inc | Mexican Bakery | Sioux Center, IA

Sioux Center, IA

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Mouthwatering Mexican Pastries

You will love the freshly-made Mexican pastries from Olivia's Bakery Inc. Buy barquillos, elotes, cuernitos, piernas, hebillas, lenos, puros, and pan de huevo. Purchase one or by the dozen. Buy cookies, doughnuts, bear claws, biscuits, churros, cinnamon rolls, cakes, cupcakes, and more.


Delicious Mexican cookies

• Cochitos

• Chamuco

• Galletas - sugar (regular)

• Galletas - sugar (tri-color)

• Galletas - sugar (sprinkles)

• Lengua de suegra

Many kinds of cakes

Get a marble, tri-icing, or layered cake. Our cakes are perfect for sharing with friends and family. We always use fresh ingredients.

Special occasions

• Birthdays

• First Communions

• Graduations

• Weddings

• Anniversaries

We open

at 7:00 AM Monday - Saturday.